Apostolic Christian Skylines

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Therapy Services

Skilled Therapy

is the highest level of therapy, staffed by professional therapists. All therapy is patient-focused and individualized. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are all typically covered by Medicare.


Physical therapy includes:

  • Balance & gait training, strength training
  • Incontinence training, chronic pain management, osteoporosis program

Occupational therapy includes:

  • Home assessments/safety training, low vision therapy, range of motion, strengthening & coordination, ADL retraining

Speech therapy includes:

  • Evaluation and treatment of many conditions including strokes, Parkinson's, swallowing dysfunctions and other degenerative diseases.


Rehab Therapy

Rehab therapy is available for all Skylines residents. Individualized goals are developed by a licensed Physical Therapist and approved by a Physician. The Physical Rehab Program is staffed by certified Rehabilitation Aides.


Therapy Services
  • Residents are assisted in maintaining and/or improving his or her physical capabilities, such as: walking, strength, balance, coordination and safety.
  • The therapy gym offers a variety of equipment: exercise equipment that has low impact to joints, resistance equipment to build strength, and balance equipment for maintaining stability.


Health and Fitness

is for residents with higher levels of function. A licensed Physical Therapist will offer guidance to develop a "plan of care" to meet the needs recommended by your physician.


  • Participants are able to utilize the equipment independently or Rehab Aides can provide minimal assistance.
  • Health & fitness goals are to maintain and/or improve overall physical capabilities.