Indoor Visiting Fact Sheet
For Visits with Residents in Assisted Living

• The visiting will occur in the resident’s room.
• Visits will be by appointment only.
• We will schedule visits between 8:00-4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.
• Appointments will be arranged thru the front desk.
• A maximum of 2 visitors from the same household may come at a time.
• Children are allowed; however, they must maintain 6 feet social distance from the resident.
• All guests and residents are always to wear a face mask and keep 6 feet distance.
• Guests are to walk directly to and from the residents’ room.
• Visits should be 1 hour or less.
• Items are not to be passed between the resident and guest unless given prior authorization from administration.
• Skylines staff will monitor the visit to ensure IDPH rules are followed.
• All visitors will be prescreened with questions from the CDC less than 24 hours prior to the visit.
• All visitors will be screened with the same CDC questions and a temperature will be taken upon arrival.
• To receive this screening visitors are to pull up to the front door, remain in their vehicle where they will receive the screening and temperature check.
• We are limiting each visitor to one visit per week.