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Working on a Puzzle

What are your Daily Pleasures? What special things do you enjoy doing each day? A puzzle, a walk, a good meal? At Skylines, the opportunities are almost endless. We discover what you enjoy doing; what is unique about you. We help you be as active as you would like. Take a little time to explore some of the activities Skylines offers and see for yourself.


With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.JOB 12:12

The Golden Gems

A very active group at Skylines is our Golden Gems! These folks enjoy going places. It may be lunch together at a local restaurant, a scenic drive, a day trip to Tanner’s Orchard, or many other interesting adventures. We always see big smiles on their faces when they return.

Gardening at Skylines


Gardening has been a valuable part of daily life for many individuals prior to moving to Skylines. We believe it is important to provide various opportunities for our residents to continue this activity if they desire and according to their abilities. Our apartment and duplex residents enjoy working in our large garden plot. Some residents work in our raised flower bed that is accessible from a chair or a wheelchair (no bending over). Other residents simply like to relax and enjoy the many flower gardens and sitting areas maintained by our staff and volunteers. Gardening experts come and make interesting presentations about gardening and flowers. Our Activities staff is always concocting unusual and tasty treats made from garden produce.


The Farmer’s Market

A really big hit at Skylines is our Farmer’s Market. A local produce grower voluntarily brings us wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables for our residents to enjoy. He gathers items from his garden and other gardeners. Every Thursday morning during growing season, he sets up shop in a clever produce cart on the front patio. Residents stream outside to see the wide variety and even some unusual items. Everyone is delighted to make their own selection, all free of charge.


Dining at Skylines

Dining at Skylines

Mealtime is an important part of the day. At Skylines, our professional staff takes great care preparing tasty and nutritional meals three times a day, and every day of the year. Our residents chose their meal items at the table. We design our menus to be easy to read and simple to understand. And we don't confuse with too many items. Our menu choices are prepared by a Certified Dietician and meet all regulatory guidelines. Extra attention is given to residents with special diets or who have additional nutritional concerns or needs. Resident's eating habits are closely monitored and individually discussed in each care plan meeting to see if adjustments need to be made. Family is encouraged to dine with their loved one (for a small fee). Find out more about dining at Skylines.


The Skyline Bakers

An important part of the Apostolic Christian heritage is cooking and baking. A group of women from the Peoria and Princeville Apostolic Christian churches voluntarily come to Skylines each week to make desserts. Our residents truly enjoy these age-old recipes that are “made from scratch.” We are grateful to our Skyline Bakers for their willingness to share their time and talents.


Worship Opportunities

Bible Study

The Apostolic Christian Home is built on strong Christian principles and values. We strive to promote the spiritual welfare of residents through Christian principles and observance of Biblically based conduct and worship. A number of opportunities exist at Skylines for our residents to participate in worship services. Our list of worship opportunities include a devotion read aloud each morning, a weekly church service, Bible studies, a Wednesday morning devotional service, Thursday morning Bible Stories, Hymns played at the Piano and Hymn singers in the evening, Pastoral care, and an aloud prayer at the noon meal. Find out more about worship opportunities at Skylines.



Our volunteer list at Skylines exceeds two hundred very dedicated individuals who play a big part in making Skylines such a wonderful home. There are endless opportunities available to anyone interested in making a difference in the lives of an elderly person. Many volunteers perform activities such as, calling bingo, showing a movie, playing a musical instrument, and helping with our monthly birthday party. We also have many cleaning, maintenance, and outdoor landscaping and gardening jobs. Our residents love to have someone just sit and visit or read them a book. Any amount of time is appreciated. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information. May the Lord bless our volunteers as they have blessed us. Find out more about being a volunteer at Skylines.

“My family and I are very thankful that our mother is being cared for in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere at Apostolic Christian Skylines. ‘Caring Together’ is more than just a slogan at the Home. The staff is not only professionally skilled, but they give the residents tender loving care.”

Apostolic Christian Skylines




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