“Finding Long Term Care – It’s a Process."
by Dean Thomas, Administrator, Apostolic Christian Skylines

When an older family member needs help with dressing, meal preparation, shopping and personal care and the needs cannot be met by family members or community services, their living situation can quickly become—or may already be—unsafe. Or there may be needs for medical attention at home that family members are simply not able to provide. In both cases, a long term care facility may be the best option.

If this is your situation, first recognize that every individual’s needs and preferences are different. A long term care facility that has been an excellent fit for a relative or friend may not be the best one today for your loved one. Finding the best match is a process that is unique for every individual. So how does the process begin?

 First, make a list

Facility visits

Plan to arrive at mid-morning and spend at least an hour, preferably two. Ask to see the individual in charge of admissions. Your goal is to discover what life as a resident is like for them and—very important—how the individual needs and preferences of the residents factor into their care.

Throughout your visit, ask yourself:

 Ask to see:

Ask about:

Wrapping it up


This article lists many of the questions family members should ask when evaluating a long term care facility. The Illinois Department of Public Health offers a Nursing Home Checklist at https://tinyurl.com/nvidphlist that is a very good reference and well worth reading.

Apostolic Christian Skylines’ continuing care retirement community offers person-centered living options that range from independent living to skilled nursing care, and include long term care. For more information, call Apostolic Christian Skylines at (309) 683-2500 or send email to info@acskylines.org. Visit www.acskylines.org or Facebook.com/acskylines.