Family Memories - Apostolic Skylines Blog

Preserve family memories for future generations

Interest in family history research has never been as widespread as it is today

Summertime - Apostolic Skylines Blog

It’s Summertime! Enjoy the Summer Sunshine - Safely

There once was a time when people believed that a summer suntan was a sign of good health

Hearing Loss - Apostolic Skylines Blog

Stay Healthy, Stay Involved – Dealing with Hearing Loss

For many adults, getting older means hearing problems may be on the horizon

Long Term Care - Apostolic Skylines Blog

"Finding Long Term Care – It’s a Process."

When an older family member needs help with dressing, meal preparation, shopping and personal care and the needs cannot be met by family members

Dementia - Apostolic Skylines Blog

Care Decisions When a Parent Has Dementia

Imagine that you are the son or daughter of an 85 year-old man who has been living in a local memory care facility

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